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     Swiss pairing application

Pairing program fills the gap between the programs for the PC, which allows drawing called Swiss system tournament. It was proposed for tournaments in badminton, but it is essentially applicable in other sports, which is played on points in a set (table tennis, squash, tennis, billiards, etc.).
That is basically unusable in tournaments, which require that all participants played the same number of matches and which is usually not known in advance the order of performance of players. It is therefore a great help in organizing tournaments and holiday pupil categories.
Description of program
Efficient organization of sports tournaments
Simple operation and installation
Ddifferent settings and scoring matches
It is possible to choose any length with graduated sets evaluation
Play can be a predetermined number of feature sets and winning
Has a simple and clear printouts (sample)
Application allows the elimination of players during the tournament
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(Demo - limited number of players - 8)
Language localization
Languages: English, Czech, Slovak.
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Favourable price
40 Euro for the full version

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